Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Need To Learn...

How to make a pretty journal page. I see so many beautiful journal pages and wonder how it is done. I am not at all talented when it comes to making my journal pretty. I'd really like some advice and tips on how to make my page pretty. So if anyone out in blogger land can help me, I would really appreciate it.

How was every one's Memorial Day? Ours was pretty nice. We had beautiful weather :-) always a plus. I actually got out of the house and went to a cook out with some close friends. It went better than I expected :-). We hung out with them all afternoon watching old movies. And I didn't have 1 panic or anxiety attack!

There's been nothing on TV lately. They have all showed the cliff hangers for next season, so we have been renting movies.

Movies we've picked out.

1. Doubt (Loved the allegories in it)
2. Bedtime Story (so-so)
3. Hotel For Dogs (cute)
4. The Last Templar (loved this movie)
5. Australia (Loved that movie)
6. Taken (Loved that one)

And a few others that had to much language for me to want to watch.

Brittany our daughter brought home the movie "New In Town." So will watch that tonight.

Mark and a friend of his changed out my computer today. I'm not liking it right now, because we could not transfer 10 years of stuff onto this computer. So I don't have any tags, pictures or my favorite sites right now. It's like starting over again. But my PC was dieing so it had to be done. So I am thankful that I have another computer-I just miss my stuff.

Well, that's as exciting as it's been lol. I look forward to hearing about everyone Else's Memorial Day :-).

Oh-If anyone wants to share some pretty tags w/me you can e-mail me @

HUGS To All~Donna


Missie said...

I use Cutest Blog on the Blog for my blogger backgrounds. They also have very good instructions, step by step on how to place it on your blog. Give it a try. If you have problems and need help, just send me an email. If need be and you don't mind, just give me your username, password and I'll set it up for you with the background you would like.

Anonymous said...
I don't pretty mine up, but if you click the above link, Donna always provides plenty of stuff to beautify your entries(& blog in general) if you so choose. I like the less is more look, but she kicks it up nicely with her snags & tags offered for use. ~Mary