Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I love this picture. It seems so peaceful and beautiful. I'd love to stand on the little bridge and just ponder on what ever comes to mind.

Well, I went and saw my Dr. last Thursday. We talked alot about my many concerns. He checked me for P.A.D. in my legs, and said everything was fine...yay! I was soooo worried. Especially with me having such severe neuropathy in my feet and legs. The neuropathy is in both my hands now-I can't feel things with my finger tips. With neuropathy there's not allot that can be done after it sets in. So I'll just keep doing what I can :). I'm not going to let it ruin my life.

Mark and I talked to Dr. D about getting on disability. Dr. D said there was no problem with that since we know I am unable to work. So now I'm in the process of applying for disability.

My Dr. did write a prescription for meds to help with the neuropathy in my lower parts. He also increased my depression meds and my anxiety meds. So far so good. I feel much calmer and clear headed. But @ times I'm scared it won't last. I like this calmness and not having that doomed or dreaded feeling with me at all times. So right now I am just going to enjoy it :).

I talked with him about my fears of having a heart attack. My dad passed away at age 49 from a massive heart attack. I am 45 and it's been lingering over me and making me fearful for the past 14 yrs. My dad's Mom & Dad died from heart attacks. My Mom's-Mom & Dad died from heart attacks. My Mom had a heart attack 11 yrs ago and survived it :) Thank the LORD. So Dr. D is setting me up an appointment for a chemical stress test. I'm just waiting on them to call me with an appointment.

I did have a full exam by a cardiologist about 8-10 yrs ago. Stress test and echo cardiogram. Everything looked great back then. I am praying I will pass this stress test with flying colors.

Mark and I went to SAMS club yesterday and did our monthly shopping. It was nice to be out and about :). I stuck to our list like a good girl lol....ok 2 cheats-I bought New York style cheese cake & chips for my dip. While there we got all the ingredients so that Mark could make his famous chili :).

Mark makes an amazing pot of home made chili, so we always get the Frito scoops to go along with it. We also add sour cream and Cheddar cheese as a topping to our bowls of chili yum :). Does anyone else eat it this way?

Last night I slow cooked bar B Q pork chops-they just fell off the bone :).

Tonight I am making our daughters favorite meal called Cheesy hash brown casserole. Here is the recipe if you would like to try it out.

Brown 3 lbs of hamburger meat
Drain when meat is fully cooked
Rinse off hamburger meat fat while in the colander.
Put back in the pot and add
2-Taco mixes to the meat
add the amount of water on the taco mix package
Cook on medium heat-till all the water is gone

Ingredients you'll need

2-bags of Ore-Ida Potato's O' Brian cubed hash browns
1-Large can of cream of mushroom soup
2-large bags of mild Cheddar cheese

Get a large bowl to put ingredients in.

Add cooked hamburger meat
both packages of hash browns
pour in the can of cream of mushroom soup
1- Cup of Cheddar cheese
Mix all ingredients well

Take an oblong pan and spray it with Pam
When all ingredients are folded well-spoon it into your pan

Cook on 350 for 30-40 minutes.
5 minutes before the casserole is done-bring it out of the oven and add a layer of Cheddar cheese and cook for the remaining time left.

I also usually cook my garlic cheese biscuits with this meal.

If you decide to try the recipe let me know how you and your family liked it.

Well, I'm off to shower and hit the Library with my sweetie. I swear you could lock me up and have me live in a Library lol. I am a major book worm, so I love going to the Library :).

I wish all of you a beautiful day!



Lynne said...

Hi Donna. Glad your tests are coming out fine!

I do eat fritos with my chili and love it! I eat it maybe once a year because the sodium kicks my butt and other body parts and turns me into Mr. Michelen looking person, LOL.

Have a great day!

Sybil said...

Hi Donna, I am so glad that the hospital Dr was able to reasure you that you are doing well. Also pleased that you have got the tablets that are working so well. That recipe sounds delicious..
love Sybil xx

Missie said...

I'm glad the doctor feels you're doing well.

I'm going to try your recipe tomorrow. Sounds really good. I'll let you know how my family liked it.

Have a good hump day tomorrow.

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Monae said...

Hi Donna !!!!!!

I came upon your blog and its title is the same as mine. I enjoyed your post about being a bookworm. I too am a bookworm I love love love love love love love love to read books. The recipe sounded delicious thanks for sharing it. Do take care.

Sybil said...

Hi Donna where are you and what have you een up to ??
Just to let you now that I have started a blog again I can be found on


Hope to see you there one day,
Love Sybil xx

ADB said...

Hello Donna,
Hope all is well, not seen a post from you in a while.


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