Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Have A Blessing To Share!!!

The Lamb in Jesus Arms is me :). That's exactly how I feel. I had known for a while that something was wrong with my heart. The sharp chest pains, shortness of breath, pain actually a strong ache down my left arm. But I was scared to see a Cardiologist. More fearful that I would have a heart attack. Both fears were colliding.

Last month I went to my family Dr. to talk about getting the Lap Band surgery. He said in order for that to happen I would need a clean bill of health from a Cardiologist. God was already working out a plan for me.

So I met with the Cardiologist and he suggested that I do an I V Stress test. I can't walk. Then he had the team do 2 kinds of echogardiograms on me. Three days later I went back for the results. The echogardiograms showed a problem. So he set me up for an Angioplasty in the hospital. I had the angioplasty going through my right arms main artery, He wanted better pictures to find the blockages. And he did. I had 2-85% blockages in my veins and there were side by side from one another, I also have close to a 50% blockage in the back of my heart in a vein.

So my wonderful Dr. while doing the angioplasty went ahead and put a longer stent in my heart to open both blockages! The other blockage in the back were going to wait. They put me on a blood thinner called Effient and chlosterol med called Lipitor.

That evening after the surgery I already felt 100% better. I could walk around and not be short of breath or have chest pains! I was in awe :). Even 4 days later I catch myself smiling-because no sharp chest pains or shortness of breath. To me it's my miracle. And God was holding me close to Him the whole time :).

I'd like to show you a quick video of how they go in and do the angioplasty and put the stent in. It's not graphic, It's all animated.

Go to this link
go down and click on video for angioplasty.
It's the first video that you'll come to. It's quite amazing :). And it gave me back my life :).