Sunday, August 5, 2012

I Hate Toothache's! Just Venting here

I like anyone else hates a toothache! The picture above is my focal point.
I'd love to be sitting there at the table with a good book a nice cup of hot tea and listening to the rain. I love the rain & the unique sound it makes on different homes and buildings. It rained today in fact. But all I could think of was the stupid toothache. It's coming up on four days of toothache pain. I have used salt water-constantly. Peroxide with a dash of cool mint Listerine (to take the terrible taste of the peroxide down a notch) And rinsing with Jack Daniel Whiskey-straight. Plus living off of aspirins to help alleviate the pain. I do get relief. Sometimes for hours-Thank God! But I am also in a situation that many other Americans are finding themselves in. No medical, or dental insurance. I can't just walk into an office and put down a co-pay and see a dentist. If I walk into a dentist office it had better be with cold hard cash. Which is not going to happen anytime soon. We are a one person income family. And that is my precious husband Mark. He works so hard and takes every extra shift and over time he can handle. He works for a large sign company. Which means he works every day out in the sun. he never complains. He's amazing. His company does offers medical, dental & eye insurance. But You have to be with the company for a year. That's in about 6 weeks for Mark. But the packages they offer is absurd! It's like $130.00 a pay check! And that's just for the two of us. So that's what $520.00 a month out of his checks. What do you do-when your already just making it from pay check to pay check? And spend the rest of the time grabbing over time just to make sure we have enough food or money for medicine. I know we are not the only ones in this situation. It seems like more and more hard working people are lacking more and more. Companies are taking advantage of this-I believe. Giving qualified workers less pay. High Insurance options etc...

Were in the process of trying to get State health Care. But were months away with all the paper work that we need to submit. Then the appointments and whatever other hoops we need to go through. And it's not just people who work. Lord knows how hard it must be for those who don't have a job! Mark was without a job for over two-years when the recession hit. No one would hire you. It was so scary! I was so thankful for the Unemployment checks that we did get. And thank God for food banks! So really it seems like everyone for the most part are suffering in one way or the other. And all the while when we get sick, get hurt or need a specialist we have no where to turn. It's discouraging. 

So, for time time being I will just have to use the salt water, peroxide, aspirins and the whiskey to try and keep the pain at bay. Anyone else have home remedies that work for a toothache? if so, please leave a comment!

Wishing everyone in the Blogs sphere a wonderful week & good health!

Until next time...

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