Monday, July 30, 2012

Be An Encourager

I was reading an encouraging story a few minutes ago. At first it seems like a negative story. But keep reading.

Be An EncouragerThis may seem like common sense to some, but it's so very important to be an encourager and not a source of negativity. It goes beyond what you even realize.

With so many people in the world telling us we can't succeed, we need to hear people telling us we can.

I remember my high school English teacher telling me not to apply to Cornell University because they wouldn't accept me and even if they did I wouldn't be able to do the work. (It's funny that I'm a writer now).

I almost didn't apply but a few days later I saw Ivan Foldfarb, a former teacher, in the hallway and asked him about Cornell. He said, "If you get in, then you go. You can do it." His words made all the difference. I applied, was accepted and majored in Lacrosse.

Too often we think it's our role to inject a dose of "reality" into someone's life. We think it's our job to protect people from the pain of failure and defeat. We think we must point out how bad the economy is and how horrible the job market is and how the sky is falling. We think that dreams were meant for others.

I say there are enough pessimists and "realists" in the world. The world doesn't need more negativity and impossible thinkers. The world needs more optimists, encourager's, and inspires.

The world needs more people to speak into the hearts of others and say "I believe in you." "Follow your passion and live your purpose." "If you have the desire then you also have the power to make it happen." "Keep working hard." "You're improving and getting better. Keep it up." "The economy is tough but you can still grow your business." "The job market is not great but I believe you'll find the right job for you." "We've hit a lot of obstacles but we'll get the project finished." "Even if you fail it will lead to something even better." "You're learning and growing."

When it comes to encouragement I know that every one of us loves working for and with people who bring out the best in us. We love being around people who uplift us and make us feel great.

And while we'll always remember the negative people who told us we couldn't accomplish something, we will always cherish and hold a special place in our heart for those who encouraged us.

Today I want to encourage you to be an encourager. So often the difference between success and failure is belief. And so often that belief is instilled in us by someone who encouraged us.

Today decide to be that person who instills a positive belief in someone who needs to hear your encouraging words. Uplift someone who is feeling down. Fuel your team with your positive energy. Rally others to focus on what is possible rather than what seems impossible.
Share encouragement. It matters and we all need it.

My Thoughts~There are always going to be those who want to discourage you, bring you down, make you feel small so that they can feel bigger. Were always going to have the constant doom and gloomers who believe why change things? It's to much work.
Well it's not to much work. You and I like the gentleman who wrote the article can achieve what ever dreams we have! It won't be an instant thing or easy. But it will be worth it. It gives us a purpose.
In God's word He speaks to us about the people in this story. The negative ones and the encouraging ones. He says this.
Proverbs 18:21~Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat it's fruit.
We can either speak blessings or curses through our words. The first teacher spoke curses over this young man. The second teacher spoke blessings into his life.
So if you have been in this situation-it's up for you and I, to choose which we will take. Blessings or curses. I hope you will always choose the blessings that those who are encourager's will speak over you.
Until next time...