Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hello...Migrating from AOL Journal

I am sure that many of you have heard the buzz about AOL journal's closing down very soon. A lot of people are pretty upset about it. Myself, I just feel sad. Sad that I will miss allot of my old friends-that were like family to me over there. But I also realize that somethings are not meant to last forever. AOL journal being one of them.

I have heard rave reviews about Blogger. So since it was so highly recommended, I decided this would be a great place to start over:-).

I look forward to seeing a lot of my old friends over here & making new ones @ Blogger. I am still learning how to do things over here at Blogger. But I at least wanted to say hello to all here. I will put up my Introduction sometime today.

I look forward to reading your comments and visiting your blogs.



Emmi said...

I think I like it better over hear than AOL. It may take a little getting use to but we're all smart cookies.

swmpgrly said...

Hi I found ya!
now if they could get alerts.

Jill Marie said...

Thanks for dropping by my "other" journal and leaving your new link. I'm playing around with a practice journal till they figure out what is going on with the old ones and I know what I need to do to transfer everything.
Your new BLOG looks great.
Jill Marie

Lori J said...

Hi Donna,
Well I am not very computer saavy but trying to make this migration to blogspot and want to put yours on my list...haven't figured that out yet.
I so enjoyed meeting folks on the AOL journaling and it is sad that they closed it down.

Love Lori

aka ABIceQueen

Lori's-letter-box it my name on this site.

ResilientHeart said...

Hello Donna! I just Stumbled Upon your old site and that led me here. Welcome to Blogger! I wish I could help you transition over, but I'm very new to blogging in general. I have given your new blog the thumbs up on Stumble Upon, so you should be getting some good traffic and new friends.

Anonymous said...

ya AOL is nice but i think this site is going to do be much better!