Friday, October 3, 2008

Another beautiful Day!

I just love Fall and Winter months. Today is so pretty here in Florida. A cool breeze and a little nip in the air. Even our furbabies wanted to stay out longer. They love just sitting and sniffing the different smells :-).

Other than that not much of anything has been going on today. Isn't that terrible lol. Today is just really quiet and calm.

Brittany our daughter rented a DVD last night. It's the "new' little mermaid "Ariel's Beginning." It seems like a cute movie, even for a daughter who is 22 *grinning.* She grew up with the little mermaid, The Land Before Time and movies like that.

Our son Mark brought over the entire series of the "X Files" for me to watch. Yay no dang commercials :-). So this weekend would be a good time to put a dent in them.

I'm also reading a book that I got off of Paper back swap-called Jane and His Lordship's Legacy-By Jane Austin.

I'm waiting on 2 more books to come in the mail. The one I am really waiting on is called "Pillar Of The Earth. It's about (As a new age dawns in England's twelfth century, the building of a mighty Gothic cathedral sets the stage for a story of intrigue and power, revenge and betrayal.) It will be the longest book I have read, it has 983 pages! Can you tell I'm a bookworm :-).

Okay closing up shop. I'm just bored to tears today. Maybe Mark and I can go out to dinner tonight :-). Olive Garden sounds good right now.

Until later...
Luv & HUGS~Donna


Beth said...

Hi Donna! Thanks for leaving your link at my AOL journal!

I'm really liking this format. We're all playing around with it and learning as we go, but all in all, I think it's a good move. There are a lot of folks that have already moved over here, so our little J-Land community is still going strong!

If you like "X-Files," have you been watching "Fringe"? Both Ken and I are really liking it so far. It has that weird, X-Files vibe to it.

From one bookworm to another :),

Hugs, Beth

Lisa said...

Thanks for giving me your link - you can see I found you and now I have become a follower so I'll be back. I think it's going to be okay around here once everyone gets settled & comfortable.

Missie said...

Enjoy your weekend.

Cindi said...

Hi...thanks for letting us know you're here...take care

Joyce said...

I found my way Donna and put you on my list to follow. You've don a great job setting this blog up. It looks great.
Hugs, Joyce