Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Good Morning Everyone

I pray all is well with everyone. I have missed all of you and your journals. I can't believe that I am 4 days shy of not posting for two-months now!

Mark is doing so well with the management of his diabetes. He went back to the Drs. last week and they are going to start him on just oral meds now! No more insulin pens for Mark! I am really praying that the oral diabetic meds will be all that he will ever need. Mark has made great strides to become more educated with diabetes and how to manage it. I'm so proud of him.

I too am off of the insulin! I am very happy about that. We are both eating better and both of us are losing weight.

I am still missing my precious Laci. I seem to think about her allot still. I still have all of her things and the blankie she use to sleep in. Bella our English springer spaniel was Laci's best friend. Bella took it hard after Laci passed on. Now Bella just seems to cling to me strongly. She never wants to leave my side & follows me from room to room. Which I don't mind at all. I just ache that her best furbaby friend is gone.

Abigail~Bella's daughter is more attached to our cats than she was to Laci. But thank goodness Bella has Abigail.

Here in Florida we have had a very unusually cold Winter. Which is rare for us! Normally in January we are walking around in shorts and regular Spring~Summer out fits. Not this year! Everyone has been wearing long johns, coats and double clothing lol. Were such wimps when we actually get really cold weather lol. Bless all of you who have really had it hard this Winter! We have seen a lot of freezing temperatures and very cold days here. I was thrilled with it. I Love Winter time :). But alas by this coming Thursday we will be climbing into the high 70's *sigh.* Before we know it everyone will be hitting the beaches...including me lol.
I am dreadfully going to the dentist today. I have a bad tooth that started acting up last week. I figured if I baby-ed it-it might subside. NOT, over the weekend *of course* it got worse. It started hurting really bad when I tried eating anything hot or cold and even tepid. I started using the liquid anbesol to try and numb it. It worked a little but wore off quickly. Even the Sensodyne tooth paste wasn't helping. By Sunday night it was hurting me to eat even cream of chicken soup. Yesterday I remembered our daughter had brought home one of those miniature bottles of Bacardi Rum! Yep I started using that to take away the pain. Not drinking it lol, but rubbing it on my gums and tooth. It definitely took the edge off and lasted a lot longer than the Anbesol. I was actually able to eat soft foods without the sensitivity pain yay. So as glad as I will be to get out of pain today, I am a scardy cat when it comes to dentist :).
I'll try and post later today about my adventure at the dentist :).
HUGS~to all,


Missie said...

Great news that you and your husband are now on the insulin pills rather than the injections!

Good luck with your tooth! I hate dentists...

ADB said...

Welcome back, Donna. Wishing you luck at the dentist's today!

Yasmin said...

Welcome Back Donna, glad to read you and Mark are doing better, nothing worse than any kind of tooth pain good luck at the dentist today.


Lynne said...

So good to hear from you Donna. What good news for your husband and both of you for managing diabetes!

So sorry you are in tooth pain. I hope the dentist visit will be as uneventful as possible. Best wishes!

Tina said...

way to go with the diabetes care!!! and don't you feel good?
I am a dental coward too! and I have a tooth that needs a root canal. i don't know what it is about the weekend and tooth pain, but it is inevitable.
take care

LYN said...